Asher Meekins - Author of Pascal & Pascal Revelations

I have always been 'individual'. I spent years trying to find a 'pathway', a sense of belonging, trying to find the true 'Asher'. I was bullied at school, spending half my time attacking morality, made to believe I 'have' to be a certain person belonging to a particular 'group'. Well, that's not me, I am Asher, I am my own person.

PASCAL is my debut novel and a story that I have had going through my head for over five years. It is a story based on love and the intense passion that can go with it. Pascal is full of individuality and is a dark Gothic horror, some of the scenes are very near the knuckle and are quite erotic in their raw descriptions, some scenes are also quite gory, I suppose that comes from being brought up on the horror stories I endlessly watched as a teenager. The characters are unique in the way they build through the story, some I can relate very strongly with. There are wonderful characters within the story, some you will love and some you will hate. Some of the storylines will make you cry, some will make you laugh, but overall I hope it keeps you on the edge not wanting to put the book down and leave you wanting more.
Pascal is an erotic gay vampire horror story with a unique and new stance and not one the reader would expect, blowing the vampire stories out of the water and in creating a new strain of vampire lifestyle. I want you to read Pascal with an open mind and truly understand what Pascal is and what he is about. Enjoy the story and join the tribe of Pascal........