Happy new year to all you gothy guys & girls.

Well, I hope you are all having a great start to 2019.

Pascal and Pascal revelations are still gaining interest and Pascal seems to be the firm favourite, but I have had feedback that the sequel is a much more action-packed story, so let me know what you think, what's your favourite?

Well, the good news is there will be another novel out this year, the bad news, it's not one in the Pascal series.... I know I know (Sorry Tim in Orlando, please forgive me) but I need more time to work out where the story is going and who will be a central character in the third part, I have a few ideas but I need to make sure its what I truly want and where I want it to go, Pascal is precious to me and I am very protective over him.

Ok so on to THE new novel, it's a fantasy story based in a world that has taken over from what we have destroyed and how our lives are ancient history. there are some great strong leading characters and is full of mind-blowing scenes, horror and of course the humour, but all told in the usual gothic style and one that the reader will fall in love with. The story will be iconic and written in such a way that it could easily become a movie. The Novel, at the time I write this and I am certain it will be, is called BAPHOMET and the rest is secret, for now, but I will post updates on here so you guys that subscribe to the mailing lists will find out first, even sneak peeks at cover art and storylines. 

So that is all for the moment and give me your ideas on where Pascal and his followers can venture next, also what is your favourite book?

I wish you all a Gothy new year and make it a good one, as you're the only ones that can.


Asher X


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Signed copies of Pascal 

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