'Pascal' is an exciting debut from the Author Asher Meekins and I found myself unable to put it down! 'Pascal' tells the story of Reece, a young man who is unsure about the direction of his life, this all changes when he meets the aforementioned Pascal...

The story is fast-paced and filled with rich characters, Asher manages to bring these characters to life with their realistic dialogue and interactions.

There's a certain cinematic feel to the story and I enjoyed not knowing what was going to happen next, there are twists and turns along the way and an ending which surprised me! I have to congratulate Asher on being able to mix action, sex, horror and humour so well. I look forward to the release of 'Teardrop' - the sequel soon!

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‘Pascal’ Book Review & Interview with 'Pascal’s’ Author & Creator: Asher Meekins

     When you decide to self-publish, you enter a whole new world of writing and creative thought. You’ve drafted your story to oblivion, you’ve polished, formatted and corrected each and every word until you feel ready to send it into the world (sometimes with one or two minor corrections still to make) but the important part is, you took that leap. The work stopped becoming something that you did in the privacy of your own home, it now became something you did in front of the whole world. This then presents you with one problem, you’ve only just located the box of matches, you still need to ignite the fire. This is where promotion is key, especially to independent authors. So after I finished The Corpse Rooms, I set up a Twitter handle and connected with other independent authors who were also embarking on the same journey as I. Some of them were far more advanced and knew how to work the market, others were less advanced and still trying to get to grips with it all, quite like myself. There are thousands of authors on Twitter and I’ve connected with some wonderful people and through this, I’ve been lucky enough to encounter their work. I’m not much of a self-proclaimed critic or reviewer but I think it’s important that as a network of independent writers, we share our thoughts and feelings about the work we enjoy and spread the word. So with this in mind, I’ll be posting reviews and recommendations about work from independent authors from time to time. If you are interested in having your piece featured, please feel free to connect with me on Twitter @d_r_forest or through here.

     Without any further ado, I’d like to share my review of a book that I recently read from the Author, Asher Meekins. Asher has also kindly allowed me to interview him, please see below for the interview. His debut novel, ‘Pascal’ is a story about Reece, a young man lacking in direction in life who becomes captivated when a mysterious stranger saves his life; the aforementioned Pascal. From here, Reece is whisked into a world quite unlike anything he has ever experienced before. From London to Paris, Reece and Pascal’s relationship deepens and is threatened by a group intent on causing worldly destruction. Pascal’s life is inevitably in danger and Reece is thrown into turmoil having to deal with potentially disastrous consequences whilst still adjusting to the vampire way of life. If you haven’t quite worked it out yet from that last sentence, Pascal is a vampire! So I’ll be honest at this point - I don’t tend to gravitate towards stories of vampires as much anymore, however, this one had such a refreshing premise that I knew I had to give it a try. For starters, this is vampire story featuring two gay main characters, the story also introduces some new concepts to the traditional folklore and myths surrounding vampires, and characters that are both original and palpable. As Reece becomes further entangled in the vampire underworld (it’s more like a sub-world as they live so closely with humans) he encounters some allies and enemies that are certainly unforgettable. Pascal is undoubtedly the knight in shining armour and extremely likeable without being saccharine but it’s the secondary characters that really bind the story and make it shine. Queen Ammonite, is most certainly deserving of the title of 'queen’ but may not necessarily be in the ways that you would expect - she’s feisty and loyal and equally hilarious. Aaron, or Teardrop as he’s better known by, is a conflicted, no-holes-barred vampire who comes across as a self-destructive individual with seemingly no remorse for his actions. To me, he’s probably the meatiest character, he’s complex and this, in turn, makes him feel more human-like than vampire. The plot leads up to a breathtaking climax that I was not prepared for, and that’s as much as I will say about the conclusion as I don’t want to reveal too much about the ending.

     Needless to say, Asher does a great job at creating a world that is both relatable and alien and invites the reader on a wild, sexy ride that leaves you wanting to sink your teeth into a jugular just to find out what happens after the finale. I’m happy to reveal that Asher is working on a sequel entitled 'Teardrop’ which should be released soon. For more information and to find out what Asher is working on, follow him on Twitter and if you would like to check out 'Pascal’ for yourself, click on the link to be directed to the Amazon store

Interview with Asher Meekins

Interview with the Author, Asher Meekins


Hi Asher, how did you get into writing fiction?

     I have always been a dreamer and being stained with dyslexia, writing and reading was almost a fear, I could never explain my dreams through song or art, so I fought dyslexia and started to express myself through writing, first for myself then I thought I wonder if others would like to read this. My dreams are always very bright and consist of scenes and stories.

What was the inspiration behind writing 'Pascal?’

     Pascal and his story came to me in a dream, and the story just seemed to continue each night. I started to fall in love with this character and longed to see him in the dream; I remember one night he was there, and I studied his looks his hair and the way he spoke. When I asked a friend of mine and a fantastic artist Mark Satchwill, he wanted me to describe this man as much as I can. When I saw the finished painting (which hangs pride of place in my home), I was almost in shock; it was as if Mark too has seen him and had taken a photo. I like the build-up and the strong connection the characters have in the series ’American Horror Story’, and I could imagine Pascal a complete series or movie, and that the way I tell the reader the story as if they are at the movies, and the title Pascal slowly rises.

Which character did you enjoy writing and is there one you felt you could relate to more?

     Ummmm, First of all, Pascal was my favourite as I could hear his voice in my head, and the beauty that he holds not just in looks but he has a beautiful soul, I would imagine the reader will fall for Pascal. But along comes Aaron or the notorious Teardrop, he is totally mad, bad and bloody handsome and so hilarious, he is the one I can see being very close to. He is a tough Mexican man and a brother of Che Guevara; you know the famous rebel on the T-Shirts. He has a lot of his brother’s traits and for me, he is the one I enjoy writing about, he is just so bad and doesn’t give a stuff about the rules, but he has a heart, and God help the one he falls for or really the lucky one!

Do you draw inspiration from other sources, books, music, films?

     I get a lot of inspiration from music, and when I hear a song that I really like the words and music turn into scenes, also watching real life and the rich tapestry of people walking around. I like to sit in a coffee shop just watching and thinking to myself, “they would make an excellent Reece, or they are so annoying I must kill them in a chapter.” So I would say real life and music. The 'American Horror Story’style is a huge influence, not so much the later ones but 'Coven’ had a great bunch of characters.

How long did it take for you to develop the story of Pascal and what’s your writing process?

     God, I first started to develop the story in my head about four years ago, every song would lead me to another character or storyline. I remember listening to a song played at the end of the movie ‘As Above so Below’ it’s by a French group Le Femme called ‘Hypsoline’. It blew my mind; I had this flash of Pascal and Reece dancing to this at a nightclub and the story evolved around that one song. I think it’s mentioned in the story as a tribute to this one song. I also think it’s the song that Reece and Pascal start to get together too.

I know that you’re working on the sequel to 'Pascal’ entitled 'Teardrop’ - What can you tell us so far about this story?

     Oh God, it is turning out to be just wonderful, Teardrop has really developed into a much more complex character; he is just a smart killing machine, not just between the sheets,  he is a maniac, I love him…Pascal has become so much more detailed, and the fans will enjoy the closeness to his character and discover more about him. All the favourites are there, and there are a few new ones coming up, one, in particular, has just started to come into the storyline, and I have a feeling the readers will like him. I can’t say too much as it’s all a surprise but there is much more action and as one fan asked me, “are the runners in it?” Well yes, they are, in a way you would never expect…….

What else can we expect from you in the future - any plans to develop 'Pascal’ into a series or will you be working on something entirely new?

     I have an idea for another book in the Pascal series, but I want to see how Teardrop goes as I am not sure where it’s going to lead. My gut instinct tells me just to keep going with the series as the possibilities are endless, and where this coven of vampire will go and who comes in. Who knows but all I can say is the tribe of Pascal is growing. There was another story I was just starting to produce and was going really well, it was based on the Devil befriending a teenage lad, but I found the story far too dark and to be honest it was starting to get to me, so I stopped it and left it alone. 

     I’d like to say a big Thank You to Asher for allowing me to interview him. If the story of 'Pascal’ has intrigued you, I recommend you getting hold of a copy! Once again, if there are any other indie horror authors out there that would like me to review their book or take part in an interview,

Totally hooked from the first page! Soon as you start reading 'Pascal' you won't want to put it down. I instantly bonded with Reece and totally fell in love with Pascal, even though he is a vampire, and at times quite a dangerous one, he is an amazing character with great humour, warmth and love! You won't regret buying this one. It's a book you look forward to picking up and reading and I would not be surprised if there are more Pascal novels to come! We want more Pascal!

Loved Pascal, Although not my normal choice of read, but was Recommended ...
Must say I was hooked from the start, thought very well written and absorbing.
Great storyline & Characters, would like to see a follow up .. Overall A well-woven, interesting story that keeps you engaged.
I would recommend to anyone.

A novel with a truly compelling story at its core, on the surface it may appear to be an erotic love story between a vampire and the main character but soon you'll realise the catacomb of intertwining storylines dwelling underneath. The writer has created a fantastical lore behind this world, encapsulated within are character you will both laugh with and cry for, all while moving at a pace that helps seat you within the characters mindset. If you can keep up and stay along for the ride you too will be excited to see what lies in store next for the coven.

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. This was definitely a different genre than what I am used to but it was action packed with suspense, war, love and passion. The author updated since the last review and did a great job. I only gave it 4 stars as there were several misspelled words and grammatical errors. There were a few times I thought the author had written the text twice during the writing process and had simply forgotten to erase the duplicate while editing. I thought Pascal and Reece moved too quickly into the relationship to make it believable as it only took a few meetings and Reece was traveling to a different country. I would like to have seen Teardrop deal with his issues a little better with clearer resolution, but this could possible lead to a sequel?