Pascal Paperback

A name of courage, love, loyalty and a Vampire. A prince amongst a coven, Pascal is an extraordinary tale from the deepest recesses of the heart. Falling in love with a human has its battles, but the greatest battle is a fight for his love. Pascal is a Gothic, gay love story, told with disarming graphic cutting detail. Pascal discovers Reece living a downtrodden existence. He finally makes contact with him in a backstreet coffee house. What Reece was never going to expect led him to the high couture life in the rural Parisian scene. Amidst the grandeur and mystique of Queen Ammonites 'Honour of the Axe'. Reece battles with a new way of living in the shadow of vampire culture. In a period of unrest, Queen Ammonite's army must protect the coven and all who reside within. Pascal and his kind are to destroy those who threaten their very existence. Pascal will take you on a mind-blowing journey. Pascal will mesmerise you and render you powerless as you will fall in love with him and his loyal followers and friends