Pascal Revelations Kindle edition

Pascal is back. Parisian life at the gothic mansion, hidden on the outskirts of Paris has calmed down, and the vampire army has returned to normal life. Queen Ammonite has managed to regain her reign as leader of this coven, is this the calm before the storm, as rumbling gossip and lies have started to emerge. Unrest begins to eat away at the covens foundations. Teardrops disappearance causes Ammonites concerns to explode into a war that will invade the haute couture Parisian streets. Pascal is to find the rogue vampire Teardrop at all costs, the hunt is on, but the hunter becomes the hunted, as underhanded tactics divide Ammonites power and the loyalty to her. Truths will be told, and again the war begins, bringing in new troops and new battlegrounds. A fast-paced sequel that will keep you on the edge of your seat, a story you won't want to put down. Pascal Revelations will take you on a wild ride of horror, laughter, tears and action.